Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement Process Brisbane and Ipswich

What’s involved in a roof replacement from Start to Finish?

Naturally you’ll need to get a couple of quotes and you should use this process as an opportunity to “qualify” the different roofing contractors……. so make sure you’re present when they visit to measure up for the quote.

While price is an important consideration you should also be looking for someone you can trust to do the job properly the first time, after all you’re going to trust them with your most valuable asset so you want someone who will treat your home as you would.

Rather than try to tell you what other companies will do I will tell you what you can expect when you contact House Roofs.

When you contact House Roofs and make an appointment we’ll confirm that appointment with an email confirmation of the appointment date and time, and you can expect us:

  •  To arrive for the appointment
  •  To be on time for the appointment….or if we’re running behind schedule we’ll ring and let you  know rather than leave you waiting and wondering if we’re going to turn up.
  •  You can be assured we will listen to what you want………how else could we be competitive if we don’t know what you want.
  • Some of the more involved quotations take time to prepare but we make sure you have your quotation within 72 hours.
  • When you give us the go ahead we’ll confirm, by email, your materials delivery and installation dates.
  •  Prior to the commencement of any work we will install Edge Protection, this is a fall arrest system required by Workplace Health and Safety when working at heights in excess of 2000mm.
  • We will inspect the existing roof battens and replace any damaged or rotting timber battens using new metal roof battens.
  • We will update the existing roof batten to rafter connection using a Type 17 batten screw to comply with current building regulations.
  • We will also update the tie down between your house frame and the roof rafters to comply with current building specifications, often overlooked by some roofing contractors.
  • If required we will supply and install roof blanket insulation to the underside of the new roofing material.
  • Progressively install new roof sheets and tack screw in to position until the entire roof area is covered.
  • The roof sheets ends are now turned up to prevent the ingress of wind driven rain and the entire roof is screw fixed using the appropriate roof screws to comply with current building regulations.
  • Roof flashings and ridge caps are now cut to size, scribed and screwed in to position.
  • The old roof sheets will be removed within the next few days to be recycled.
  • A guaranteed site clean with the removal of all building waste.