Colorbond Roofing in Brisbane

A Colorbond roof is a wise choice, Colorbond roofing is available in a large range of roof profiles with span capabilities that allow freedom of design to add value to your home and offer you peace of mind knowing that you have chosen high performance, low maintenance long life roofing .

The large range of profiles accommodate the different design parameters such as roof pitch and roof span and the opportunity of having colour to one or both sides of the roof sheets means the concepts for Colorbond roofing are endless.

Colorbond roofing  is manufactured from corrosion resistant Zinclaume steel base for long life and then coated with a durable, exterior grade paint finish that resists peeling, flaking and blistering in normal weather conditions.

Colorbond roofing looks smart, delivers high performance and long life expectancy and of course you are able to choose from the 22 standard colours.

It’s so easy to match your Colorbond roof with the other building materials particularly when you consider that approximately 90% of homes built today use Colorbond for roofing, fascia, guttering, fencing, water tanks and carports.