Roofing Brisbane

House Roofs is a professional roofing company servicing customers in the greater Brisbane area, Ipswich and the Sunshine Coast with a wide range of services.

We supply obligation free quotations for the following.

  • Metal Roof Replacement.
  • Tile Roof Replacement (with metal roof).
  • Roof Restorations both Tile and Metal roofs
  • Gutter Replacement
  • Patio Roof Replacement
  • Insulated Patio Roofs


When you first contact House Roofs you’ll instinctively know that this is the roofing company you can trust to turn your dream into reality.


Experience tells us that there are two important considerations homeowners need to be comfortable with when choosing a roofing contractor to replace their roof, of course price is always one of those considerations and knowing that House Roofs have the most competitive pricing is comforting, however price is hardly a comfort if you don’t have confidence in your roofing contractor, after all you’re talking about trusting someone with your most valuable asset.

You’ll meet Bill or Geoff, the estimators (and co-owners) when they visit your home to measure up for a quotation, instantly you’ll feel comfortable as they talk knowledgeably about roofing, guttering, insulation or any other aspect of your job…… or any questions you may have……..the depth of their knowledge only comes from experience……….. intuitively you’ll know that this is the team you can trust!!!

House Roofs specialises in:

  • Metal Roof Replacement in Brisbane and Ipswich areas.
  • Tile Roof to Metal Roof Conversions in Brisbane and Ipswich areas.
  • Gutter Replacement in Brisbane and Ipswich areas.
  • Metal Roof Insulation in Brisbane and Ipswich areas.
  • Metal Roof Ventilation in Brisbane and Ipswich areas

When we make an appointment we’ll turn up when we say we will, and no salespeople means you’ll be talking with the people who carry out the work.

House Roofs offer the most competitive prices for roof replacement in the Brisbane and Ipswich areas so if you need your roof replaced in the greater Brisbane and Ipswich areas please give us a call.

This is also a good time to consider the option of including insulation when you replace your roof, ask Bill or Geoff to explain the advantages (other than protecting you from the elements) of Insulation.